Great pictures happen in an instant. But great pictures that sell require so much more than that. 

Why? Because every person, product or service has a story, and without learning that story, you can't show the world what they really are.

My gift is in storytelling. 

As a multi-faceted creative, I specialize in commercial photography and creative direction. Combining my passion for sales and entrepreneurship with creativity helped me develop a unique approach to photography.

But it's not just about selling something. It's so much more than that.

It's about conveying novels. 

It's about capturing a time, a place, a feeling, a wish, a dream, an achievement, a win, a loss, a split second of honesty that few even see, let alone capture in an image.

It's about providing striking images that create a reaction. That cause a feeling. 

It's about you and your story. 

And I can't wait to learn more about it. 

 +1 (647) 882-7700

Bettina Bogar is an O1 visa holder, a Canadian Permanent Resident, as well as an European citizen, which allows her to officially work in the USA, Canada and anywhere in Europe.

Her clientele includes brands like:

Airbnb • Lululemon • Aerie • American Express • Chevrolet • Wix • Tim Hortons • Cadillac Fairview • Rogers • Smirnoff • Porter Airlines • Prezi • Wonderbra • Huaweii • CFL • Bravado Designs • Chimp Treats • Fortnight Lingerie • TKEES • Metro • Pedigree • Royal Canine • Framewrk • CycleBar • Scott's Miracle Gro • Lemon Water Wellness • Babbel • COTY • Outward Hound • FGF Brands • Impact Kitchen • Upark • Harken Health • Titika • Finlay & Co • Mar Y Sol • Beach Lulu