Never Stop Saving

Karissa Hadden. Learn this name. She's going to be a legend really soon.

There is a beauty in receiving a phone call from an LA agent, asking you to take portraits of their upcoming star, Karissa. It pets your ego in the right place. But then you realize this is really not about you and your photography.

Karissa lives in Whitby and works as a veterinarian assistant. In her free time she enjoys to travel, storm chase and assist in search in rescue efforts after the disaster strikes. And saves all those lives that were left behind. 

Never Stop Saving was founded by Karissa in 2013, after Moore, Oklahoma was hit by a devastating tornado. When a disaster strikes, we all think about saving what's most important to us: each other. But how about your beloved animals? What happens to them when it comes to an emergency situation? They might just run away, hide somewhere and you can not seem to find them. But you have to move fast.

And that's when Never Stop Saving will assist you... in rescuing, treating and reuniting your beloved companions. They risk their lives for them, while you can stay safe in your shelter.

I'm eternally thankful for having the chance to meet with Karissa and spend a couple hours chatting about her mission, her goals while playing with her puppy and capturing beautiful portraits.

Please keep an eye out for her and her organization. Big news is coming.

In the meantime, if you feel like helping, you can purchase your 2015 calendar from Never Stop Saving here.

models: Karissa and Jinky
photography: Bettina Bogar
makeup: Martine Pinelli