I feel really lucky to be the part of so many awesome assignments lately, where our goal is to strengthen brands with beautiful photographs. 

If you're from Toronto (the capital city of entrepreneurship), you probably already know, that here, almost everybody has his or her own thing going on. Small businesses and start ups are thriving and no matter what service you provide, you must have a website that helps people getting to know you better and create more sales. 

I always tell my clients and friends, that before you'd hire a photographer, think about one thing. Your brand. How would you like to represent yourself to the world? What is that you sell? What kind of images would help you creating more sales? What is the overall feel that you're going for?

When taking professional photos for websites and social media we always start the project by brainstorming about the brand and creating a very own mood board and shot-list for it.

Jacklyn Denise Communications and bettina bogar photography have teamed up during the coldest days of January to create and capture the brand new look for

While working on launching her new website, Jacklyn has also moved to her brand new, beautiful office, so we had a lovely space to capture the essence of her PR and communications boutique. 

I felt like I've arrived to Ladyboss Wonderland on the day of the shoot. Jacklyn has handpicked each piece of her office and also added her very own props create the perfect vibe for the images.


Flipping through her website, I just learned about her very own event, called Mimosa Mornings (yes please!) where you can network with other women, share your thoughts, influence each other and basically take over the world.