My Interview with Ladyboss Magazine

It was such an honour to be featured in Ladyboss Magazine. Below you can learn a bit more about me and my passion for photography. 



Hometown: Budapest

Current City: Toronto

Ladyboss Mag (LM): How did your company begin? 

Bettina Bogar (BB) )Photography always played a huge part of my life. I think I’ve been shooting ever since I was able to hold a camera. However, I founded bettina bogar photography shortly after I moved to Canada three years ago.

LM: Where do you find inspiration? 

BB: Inspiration is everywhere. It’s really just in how you look at things. It can be a shadow, a reflection, an interesting shape or sound, a weird composition or story that moves me. I know I’ve been inspired when I find something that makes me want to create.

LM: What has been your career highlight(s) so far?

BB: It is always a great feeling when you’re hired by international brands. Working for Hershey’s, Ashley Madison and Prezi were definitely great achievements for me. But if I’m being honest with you, the real highlights in my career are the little thank you notes from happy clients. Being self-employed is lonely so receiving emails filled with joy and gratitude after they get a first look at their photos can sometimes be the boost I need on a rough day.

LM: Favorite part of your day?

BB: Every day is different to me. Different people, different sets, meetings and lots of editing. However one thing has became my routine and it always makes my day -  morning walks with my doggy, right before the madness starts.

LM: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

BB: Could you please bring back Audrey Hepburn? I would love to take her portrait. But let’s be real. GQ.

LM: Favorite local spots to hang out?

BB: There are some fascinating rooftops in Toronto that I like to revisit. It’s not exactly legal to climb up there so it’s best I don’t name them.

LM: Describe yourself in 5 words or less:

BB: Dreamer. Thinker. Doer.

LM: If you had a theme song, what would it be?

BB: George Ezra - Budapest. I believe he’s singing my story. 

LM: What does being a Ladyboss mean to you?

BB: Being your own boss is a whole different lifestyle. You learn a lot about yourself through all the challenges and you’ll sacrifice a lot of your free time. Sometimes life will get really unbalanced, but over time you begin to find clarity and figure out how badly you want your dreams to come true. I personally love how it allows you to set your own goals, improve your business and grow your skill set at your own pace. Because believe it or not, you can reach those goals sooner than you think. 

LM: What was the greatest challenge you have had to face as a Ladyboss?

BB: Bettina Bogar Photography went through a lot of changes in the first couple of years. I’m more of an artist than a business person. I enjoy creating, being surrounded by inspirational people and working on ideas. I had to really buckle down and learn the business side of things. A large part of my time will often goes to administrative work that I don't adore as much. But hey, it’s part of making your passion your paycheck.


LM: What advice do you have for other Ladybosses?

BB: I would pass down some simple advice that someone really important told me once. It changed my whole life and quickly turned around my business - surround yourself with only good people. 

LM: What can we expect to see from your in the near (or far) future?

BB: This year is about making more dreams come true. I have a lot to create and capture and I’m super excited about it.