Mobility Campaign for Prezi

One of the most rewarding shoots to date has to be the gig I just completed for Prezi.

For those of you who are not familiar, Prezi is like an online version of PowerPoint but so much better.

For their new mobile campaign, Prezi hired photographers from major cities around the world to capture a day in the life of an entrepreneur and highlight the benefits and convenience of their new app.

My good friends Ricardo and Gloria Roheim McRae were selected to represent Canadian entrepreneurs and were kind enough to recommend me as the photographer.

Having the opportunity to tackle the creative direction and storyboarding this project was a huge plus for me. I personally picked the locations and scenarios so I was able to deliver images that were clean and professional.

Prezi only had one condition: we could only use natural light settings. If you know my work well, you’ll know that was not an issue for me.

Gloria and Ricardo also did a fantastic job and followed direction really well. They looked super cute and were really comfortable in front of the cameraa. 

Getting hired by an international brand that’s created an app with over 50 million users is quite an achievement for me, not to mention, how much I love the Hungarian connection here. Prezi was founded in Hungary, in 2009, now it's currently being used worldwide.

You can take a peek at the final photos by clicking here.