The Healthy Maven

What a fun day with this mega talented and super inspiring woman! 

Davida and I met almost a year ago - and it was an instant connection between our creative/entrepreneur minds. 

With the revamp of her blog, now was the perfect time to take her personal brand to the next level and organize a full day set with various locations to capture a day in the life of The Healthy Maven

Special thanks to Impact Kitchen for letting us take over their restaurant for a couple hours. 

the_healthy_maven_by_ bettinabogar_toronto_lifestyle_photographer035.JPG

"The Healthy Maven is about eating real and unprocessed food, getting creative in the kitchen and leading an active and balanced lifestyle. We could all use a little more kale AND wine in our lives. "

"The Healthy Maven has chronicled my experiments in the kitchen, in the gym and perhaps most importantly, in my life. From quitting my job and taking on the blog full-time, opening up about my struggles with body image and how I’m learning to balance health and hedonism, this place has been my virtual diary for almost 3 years and I have loved every second of it."

the_healthy_maven_by_ bettinabogar_toronto_lifestyle_photographer055.JPG